Charlie Brothers Take Over Solana

Charlie Brothers Control Solana

Charlie Brothers are the family in charge of the administration in New-York City. Justice is an indispensable passion for them. They are also the best-known names in the crypto world. They corner the market especially in Solana. An important feature of these brothers is that they are environmentalists. In countries damaged by forest fires, they will plant trees together with Greenpeace and create their own fraternity forests. In the near future, they will be one of the most important stakeholders of the management in the Metaverse community.

Charlie Brothers Roadmap


25M Tokens for further rewards. Will be liquidated after mint.

Partnership with Dao and other NFT projects.

Having a flawless successfull mint.

Stake your Charlie Brother after minting for daily rewards. 10 Token/Day for Charlie Brothers 30 Token/Day for Fathers

Gun to Shoot 1 month later, we'll release the Gun. You can obtain it with 1000 Tokens. You can use to shoot your Charlie Brother to convert it into a Zombie Which will recieve 30 Token/Day .

Publish Exclusive Merch Store

Developing a fighting themed game Play to earn mechanism..

Meet with Our Team

Team Members



How many Charlie Brothers will be minted?



When are we minting?

2 Jun.


What blockchain Charlie Brothers are on?

It’s fast, reliable and there are almost no transaction costs.


How much will cost a single Charlie?

1 Solana


Will there be any additional royalty fees?

Yes, 8%, which is the common rate for Solana NFT projects.


Will there be a giveaway?

Yes! We’ll be giving away Charlie Brothers to our most loyal community members! Check out the giveaway section on our website or Twitter.


How do I buy a Charlie Brothers NFT?

Firstly, you should have a Solana wallet. Phantom is the best one. Once you create your wallet, you will have to transfer Solana coins to it. Right after our announcement for the launch, you can navigate to our website, and get connected to your wallet. After that, you can mint your Charlie. It’s just that easy.